SolarMate Pro Arena Light 2

SolarMate Pro Arena Light 2

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SolarMate Pro Arena Light 2 is an enhanced version of the original ArenaLight and contains a more powerful 13000mAh lithium battery pack and a 1500lumen LED cluster providing 50% more illumination. Like the original, Arena 2 is designed for outdoor use, 365 days per year and can be fixed using the supplied U bolts to a standard scaffold pole or to a wall by the expansion bolts.

In addition, when used with the extra panels, Arena 2 can also be used inside to illuminate a variety of buildings including barns, lambing sheds or indoor riding schools. It can be activated by its remote control but can also be set to illuminate automatically when movement is detected, making it ideal as security, car park, marine jetty or walkway light.

Arena 2 illuminates a wide area. Just add as many lights as you need to match the size of your space. With a light spread of 30m diameter (at a 4m height), the Arena 2 can cover a 300sqm area with light.

For added work time during winter months when weather conditions can minimise recharging the integrated solar panel, an optional supercharger solar panel is available for each light unit enabling guaranteed longer work time (Supercharger solar panels sold separately)


1 x Supercharger Panel 1500 Lumen gives an additional 2.5 hours of light

2 x Supercharger Panel 1500 Lumen gives an additional 4 hours of light

3 x Supercharger Panel 1500 Lumen gives an additional 6 hours of light


1 x Supercharger Panel, 1500 Lumen gives an additional 1.5 hours of light

2 x Supercharger Panel, 1500 Lumen gives an additional 3 hours of light

3 x Supercharger Panel, 1500 Lumen gives an additional 5 hours of light

What is Included & Technical Specifications

1 x Arena 2 light
1 x remote control and batteries
2 x U-bolts (for pole fixing)
1 x instruction sheet
Two-year warranty

Solar Panel - 6.8w
Voltage - 11.1V DC
Battery - Custom Battery Pack (replaceable)
Battery Capacity - 13000mAh
Modes - On/Off, PIR, Timer, Daytime illumination option with/without ambient permanent lighting
On timer adjustable - 1hour or 2 hours
Brightness levels - 50, 500, 1000, 1500 lumens
Switch settings - Auto/Off (with remote)
Auto sensor - PIR
LEDs - 30 superior cool white LEDs
Remote control - Yes (inc batteries)
IP rating - IP65
Dimensions light unit - 460x250x85mm
Weight light units 2.3kg

Using your Arena Lights

You only need to use one remote control to power multiple lights. (Multiple remote controls are supplied) Before use in the timed illumination mode, each light will need to be activated by the remote (when positioned within a distance of 8m). If operating in the Motion Activated Mode, a remote will not be required.
The solar panel should be positioned facing upwards to receive maximal sunlight. Wherever possible, the solar cell should not be positioned in shady areas.
It is important to take note of the operating instructions when installing the lights as the solar panel must be activated correctly.
Operation times from a fully charged battery:
Motion Activated (PIR) mode – 60 to 120 hours

Remote control mode – 500 lumen – 12hrs / 1000 lumen – 8hrs / 1500lm – 6hrs

Battery charge time by its internal solar cell – 10hrs from flat 

Operating Times

To fully charge the battery from flat, ArenaLight will require 10 hours of sufficient sunlight. The operating times listed below apply to a fully charged battery:

Motion Activated (PIR) Mode: 60 to 120 hours

Timed Illumination Mode: 500 lumen – 12 hours; 1000 lumen – 8 hours, 1500 lumen - 6 hours*

ArenaLight 2 does work on a time-bank basis; the longer they are left to charge without use, the longer their operating time. These times will vary depending on weather conditions and may be reduced on overcast days.

* We recommend selecting the 1500 lumen setting when using the lights in riding arenas.