Full Cheek Mouthing Bit

Full Cheek Mouthing Bit


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The Full mouthing bit with players is a useful bit for starting young horses.

The full cheek prevents the bit from being able dragged through the horse's mouth, and the players or keys in the centre of the mouthing bit encourage the horse to play with them and thus produce a soft, wet mouth. The mouthpiece in effect double jointed, relieving most of the nutcracker action which most horses prefer.

Full-cheek bits are often used on green horses to aid steering, as the cheek gives a more positive action against the cheek when the rider asks for a turn.

Full cheek snaffles should be used with Fulmer loops which secure the top of the bit to the cheekpieces to prevent the bit from rotating and leaving the cheeks pointing out which could pose a hazard.

By securing the cheek, it also allows a very small amount of poll pressure to come into play, helping to encourage a lower outline.