Tylers Hoof Products

Tylers Hoof Products


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Hoof Butter

For those that prefer the balsam type hoof treatment .. it has the same moisture value as the oil but leaves a sheen and is a melted butter-like consistency to apply - this is great for your everyday use to save the oil for event/show groom box.

Go & Show

This is the best invention for a hoof oil by far ... we all know that feeling when you are applying your hoof oil 5 mins before hitting the arena for that extra wow factor turnout and you splat your oil on your light Johdpurs ... this little handy go & show is exactly what’s in the hoof oil with this super handy applicator so no need for messy brushes or drips when out and about! Grooms Pocket-size so always handy for last min touch-ups!

Hoof Oil

your traditional type of hoof oil that’s clear in colour to suit all hooves, nourishing at this time of year for those hardening hoof walls due to dry weather so apply to avoid cracks and chips with this drop of moisture - use a hoof oil brush to apply.

Hoof Oil (Glitter Edition)

the same as the hoof oil above in mix but with the added sparkle of glitter added for those that like a little bling (not a varnish ) so very easy to remove - this is oil to put your best foot forward.

Anit Bac Sole