Star Bitless Bridle

Star Bitless Bridle


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A bitless bridle with a softly padded nose and neck straps, makes a welcome change for your horse and is supplied with continental reins.

The bridle is also classed as a Scawbrig style which has a loose chin strap that tightens and releases so most of the time there is no pressure, it is very light on your horse and can be used for long reining and training young horses.

The bridle is great for riding and can help you correct your balance because if the chin strap pulls through to one side you will know you are not riding balanced as both reins have to be symmetrical.

The main action of the bridle is to tighten on the back of the jaw but it will also produce some tightening around the nose however the padding on the bridle will ensure that it is comfortable for your horse at all times.

Made from quality hard wearing leather.

Only Available in Black.