Plastic Bending Pole Kit

Plastic Bending Pole Kit


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These plastic poles are now accepted by the relevant bodies for games use.

They measure 5ft (1.5m) long and 1.25” (30mm) sq and have become top sellers because of their inherent properties. Safety - these bending poles have a higher impact break point than the wooden bending poles and, more importantly, when they do break they do not shear causing a sharp point that could damage a child or pony, instead they buckle.

Weight - the plastic kit, is highly portable at almost half the weight of the wooden system. Portability and Storage - the plastic bending poles are supplied with plastic safety base which makes handling easier than before.

Maintenance - no painting, just wipe clean or occasionally use a PVC cleaner.

This kit has 5 bending poles and 1 plastic baton measuring 12" (300mm) in length and 1" (30mm) sq.


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